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Mrs. J. Anderson To All Instructors

Mrs. Anderson has been educating students in public schools as well as homeschool settings for over 25 years.  She holds a Master's Degree in Education from Old Dominion University.  She is an expert in literacy development and an advocate for the Charlotte Mason approach to education. In order to help prepare students to follow the directive noted in 1st Peter 3:15, all her classes include a public speaking component.   As a state-licensed teacher, she conducts "evidence of progress" evaluations for interested families.  She also serves as Registrar for James River Cobblestones.  (Image by Fragonard)

Current Classes
Atlantic Adventures (Literature) – (open)
Character Building Literature 2024-2025 – (open)
Intermediate Grammar – (open)
Lunch - Thursday - 2024-2025 – (open)
U.S. Geography: National Parks 2024-2025 – (open)
Civics – (open)
Reading Foundations: Phonics to Fluency – (open)
U.S. Government (1st semester) – (open)
Parent Seminar: October 3 - November 14 – (open)
Public Speaking (2nd semester) – (open)