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Mrs. Michelle Snow To All Instructors

Michelle was raised in Florida and attended Christian School from K-12th grade. She studied communication in college before moving to NYC to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry. She worked for over 15 yrs as a Fashion Buyer before getting married, moving to Virginia, and having her babies. She homeschools her two children and they are part of Cobblestones Academy. Michelle and her husband share a love of nature and travel and take their kids on hikes every week. She loves photography, gardening, freelance writing, family time and is involved with teaching at her church. Jer 29:11 is her favorite Bible Verse.


Current Classes
Creative Writing (Performing Arts) – (open)
Language Lessons Gr. 4 – (open)
Lunch - Thursday - 2024-2025 – (open)
Pioneer Days & Life Skills – (open)
Science/Gardening Gr. 3-4 – (open)
PreK-K 2024 2025 – (open)