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Mrs. Margaret Jackson To All Instructors

Mrs. Jackson - I am the mother of two wonderful girls and I was blessed to be a stay-at home mom for 6 years. Once my youngest started school I found myself volunteering at their school which then turned into my being a long-term substitute for the last 6 years. My passion has always been to be a teacher and work with children.

We spend most of our time on the softball field. During our down time I work on building my small business of making custom tumblers and t-shirts. I enjoy reading and sitting on the beach with my family. 


Current Classes
Building Math Skills 2024-2025 – (open)
Early Elementary Literature 2024-2025 – (open)
Intro to American History 2024-2025 – (open)
Lunch - Thursday - 2024-2025 – (open)
Magic School Bus Science 2024-2025 – (open)
Sight Words & Writer's Workshop 2024-2025 – (open)
American History with American Girl Dolls 2024-2025 – (open)
Lego Builders & Lego Stem Morning Class – (open)
LEGO Builders and LEGO STEM Afternoon Class – (open)
United Taste of America 2024-2025 – (open)