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Welcome to the James River Cobblestones application for family membership. Membership in this site is private for families currently attending or registering for Cobblestones classes. There is a one time *non-refundable membership fee per FAMILY per year, payable online to the James River Home School Foundation (JRHSF). Online payment is required with this application.  In addition there is a required student registration fee of $30 per student for the first 3 students. There is no additional registration fee for 4 or more students. Students will not be considered as enrolled for classes until their registration fees are paid. Please pay online.

Please check the box for the new school year you are applying for - 2023-2024 which is located just after the child(ren)'s field within the membership form.

*Membership fees are non-refundable UNLESS:

  • the class you enrolled in is cancelled
  • you are denied membership for any reason

If you would rather be on our mailing list  and receive notifications of upcoming homeschool events sponsored by the James River Home School Foundation including classes offered by James River Cobblestones, James River Eagles Athletics, and other items of interest to the home school community, we invite you to sign up to be on our  mailing list.  

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